Thursday, 10 December 2015

X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Teased With A Fiery New Image

Sometimes you have to wonder why they even put trailers in front of movies anymore. It used to be that getting your trailer attached to a big movie was a huge deal. You knew your trailer would get serious views, which would increase the potential for your own film. It was announced in recent weeks that X-Men: ApocalypseCaptain America: Civil War, and Star Trek Beyond would all have their trailers attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This may be true, but we’ve now already seen the trailer for Civil War and now another of the big three will be shown prior to the movie’s release as well. We’ll see you here tomorrow when the trailer for the new X-Men movie hits the internet.

The one thing that does seem to be different here, is while most movies these days tease their trailer with a shorter trailer, X-Men will be making us wait for any moving images, instead simply giving us this single shot and the tagline "Only the strong will survive." The image itself doesn’t even give us an official title image. One expects this is the poster that you’ll be beginning to see in theaters starting tomorrow, or certainly by next week. 

While, the "only the strong…" bit is a little cliche with a movie title like Apocalypsereally what else are you going to say? The name of your film is literally the end of the world. This is also the end of the second X-Men trilogy and the last time one of these ended they killed off a bunch of people so it’s certainly possible we’ll lose some this time around. The timeline reset in the last movie means that even characters you might expect to survive could still bite it, so who knows? The only people we really can be sure will live through this will be Wolverine and Professor X, as they have another movie to make. Different versions of them, anyway. Man, this timeline can be a bit confusing. 

All criticism aside, it’s probably best that they put out the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer on Friday. In the never-ending news cycle that we live in, it’s difficult enough to get noticed. If X-Men waited until the 18th, they’d be competing with all the reactions to Star Wars: The Force Awakens itself, not to mention the Star Trek Beyond trailer. At this point, we fully expect to see that trailer get put up early next week, as well. It will honestly be shocking if the trailer’s actual premiere will happen in theaters.

Do you prefer to see the trailers get online first, or would you actually prefer to be surprised in a theater with something new you haven’t already seen? 

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