Friday, 18 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review!! Potential Spoiler You Have Been Warned

Star Wars didnt disappoint, from the opening score to the ending
Some of the familiar faces return and new face to take this major franchise to another level.

I have to say John boyega as finn was impressive every time he was at the screen. His stroy was too simple for my liking, so he just happen to turn against his own kind. Too lazy and slopping writing 

Daisy Ridley (Rey) really stood out. That fact that We don't know her parents and to find out she has the force in the dramatic fashion. Her relationship with Finn I thought was we acted it had a meaning a start and an ending.

BB8 might stole the show for me, his comedic humor. Even though we didn't know what he said half the time just the expression is priceless. Seeing him and R2D2 together just wasn't to make me cry.

Adam Driver as kylo for me was not as instrumental as the first time we were introduced to Dark Vader, dont get me wrong he wasn't bad. He acted well and I love the voice JJ portrays but I just didnt feel his presence.

Seen Han Solo brings back memory, I thought he was just going to be there to tag along but that was not the case. ''Solo'' and Chewbacca were both memorable during the rear of this movie.

 The final end scene where the battle takes place. OMGF Utter jizz on the screen, Now even though they went for the cheesy route and make Rey win easily and Kylo just happens to been hurt there for he was weaken, I just thought they could have make a better ending than that. 

That been said I give the Star Wars: The Force Awakens  a BETA

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